AttackIQ named to the “Hot Startups to Watch” list for 2016 by CIO Magazine and Network World


The vendors that made the list ‘clearly see the value of assessing the strength of network security architectures. Among them are four startups that simulate attacks against networks in order to test how well their defenses work and to help security staffers get the hang of what it’s like to get hit by a range of exploits and to hone their responses. AttackIQ probes networks for vulnerabilities that could be strung together to create successful intrusions.’


Headquarters: San Diego
Supported by EvoNexus technology incubator
  CEO Stephan Chenette and Chief Archtect Rajesh Sharma
Fun fact:
 The cofounders are alumni of Websense but didn’t work there at the same time.

Why we’re following it: AttackIQ’s platform, FireDrill, continuously runs attack scenarios against customer networks to verify that defenses are performing as they were designed to. This can assure that unintentional holes aren’t left open for attackers to exploit.