CommNexus Genomics SIG event draws 165 attendees from San Diego Healthcare and Tech Sectors



CommNexus Genomics SIG event draws 165 attendees from San Diego Healthcare and Tech Sectors

SAN DIEGO, August 4, 2014 – A CommNexus panel on accelerating the genomic revolution drew speakers from San Diego’s top genomic companies, such as: Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Human Longevity, Sequenom, Edico Genome, AllSeq and Cypher Genomics on July 24th 2014.

The panelists, although maybe biased, believe that San Diego could lead the charge in making genomics become one of the largest and most important industries in the coming years. There are some large challenges still ahead though. “The genomics space today is where cell phones were in the 80’s, very few had cell phones then,” said Pieter Van Rooyen, CEO of Edico Genome, a next-generation genome sequencing company and EvoNexus startup.

Panel discussion questions included, “What are the most promising short and long term applications of genomics?” “What are the challenges as we put genomics in consumers’ hands?” “With how quickly genomic info is changing, how do we educate physicians?” and many other thought provoking questions were asked by the moderator and audience alike.

165 attendees were at the event, including executives from companies such as Illumina, Sequenom, Qualcomm, CareFusion, Sharp HealthCare, Scripps Health, UCSD and other emerging companies.

CommNexus plans to have many more Digital Health SIG events in the years to come with genomics being a closely viewed and followed topic.


Click here for San Diego Daily Transcript article by Katherine Connor


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