Edico Genome Successes

Edico Genome Receives Funding from Qualcomm@EvoNexus, Raises $10M Series A Round

Upon admittance into EvoNexus, Edico Genome was selected to be part of Qualcomm@EvoNexus and received $200,000 in funding from the strategic funding partnership. Edico’s relationship with Qualcomm@EvoNexus proved so successful that Qualcomm Ventures led the $10M Series A Round that Edico Genome raised.

Edico Genome voted  Top 10 Innovations by The Scientist Magazine

EvoNexus alum Edico Genome is the developer of the DRAGEN Bio-IT Processor, the world’s first next-generation sequencing bioinformatics application-specific integrated circuit. This chip analyzes the large amount of data produced by next-generation sequencing quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Edico Genome was voted first in the Top Innovations of 2014 awards by The Scientist Magazine for its DRAGEN Bio–IT Processor. The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations is an annual competition that considers products in the field of life sciences and relies on a panel of five expert judges to pick the winners.

President and CEO Pieter Van Rooyen was also a co-founder of EvoNexus alum ecoATM prior to working with Edico Genome.

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