Electrozyme Builds Sensors That Analyze Sweat to Track Your Health

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Wired – Nov 7, 2014) – When you exercise, you sweat. It can be gross, but it helps your body cool down. And it’s packed with useful data.

That’s the pitch from Joshua Windmiller and Jared Tangney, the co-founders of a startup called Electrozyme. The company makes biosensor strip that can sit on the surface of your skin and read chemical information from your sweat, aiming to show how your body is reacting to strenuous exercise.

The tool can analyze the chemical composition of your perspiration on the fly, then provide insights about your hydration, fluid loss, and electrolyte balance. Windmiller described the technology on Thursday at this year’s Internet of Things Summit in San Francisco, and he says the company is already in talks to incorporate it into existing fitness trackers and other wearables.

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