Eliot Peper @ EvoNexus (9/17), “Storytelling for Startups”

75+ attendees gathered at Downtown EvoNexus the evening of the September 17th to hear from Eliot Peper, a writer and entrepreneur based in Oakland, CA! He had the crowd attendees engaged throughout the entirety of the event with his relaxed speaking style and witty anecdotes.

He gave the attendees some great tips on how to craft and refine their startup story, backed with the statistic that storytelling is a defining characteristic among the top 1% of entrepreneurs.

Eliot also mentioned the strong pulse of the startup ecosystem here in San Diego, which is notable since he resides in a region completely saturated with startup energy – the bay area.

It was fantastic to have Eliot in the building to inspire members of the San Diego entrepreneurial community to pay attention to how they are telling their story to investors and adding members to their team along the way.

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