EvoNexus Alum Chatmeter.com Launches New Online Tools to Better Assist Customers

San Diego, CA–(Digital Journal, Dec 23, 2014)–Chatmeter announces the launch of new online tools designed to further the company’s mission of helping agencies and retailers with multiple locations monitor and improve their reputation and online presence. This update to the chatmeter platform changes the game, helping clients cost-effectively manage their marketing analytics across all locations. When making use of these cost-effective tools, marketers find it easier to devise and execute their reputation management and local SEO strategy, tailoring it specifically to each business, industry, and local market they serve.

“Clients find the information obtained through the chatmeter platform to be very helpful, as it provides steps a business can take to improve the reputation, presence, and ranking of every one of their locations. Review management, social media analytics, local listings management, and competitor monitoring provide this information, and several other areas are also monitored by the service. Retailers and agencies find their business improves in every area with the use of the service,” Collin Holmes, spokesperson for Chatmeter, states.

Review management continues to be a concern of many. Chatmeter takes charge of monitoring stores on a daily basis and, when new content is discovered, an alert is sent to the business. Furthermore, the company benchmarks stores against the local competition to determine where improvements need to be made in a market. Businesses find this to be helpful because it allows them to meet the needs of clients before their rivals do.

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