EvoNexus at CES 2015: Day Two

If you missed our CES 2015 Day One blog click here.

Wednesday morning started at 8am – really early considering Vegas – at the Entropic exhibit space at the Wynn Hotel. Entropic introduced a product called MoCA, which is a complement to Wi-Fi that will get rid of all the dead zones in your home. In addition, Entropic explained their channel stacking technology, or what should be considered “sports bars’ new best friend.”

Following the interview with Entropic, much of the EvoNexus team went to the Sands Expo where we saw the latest in 3D printing, smart home devices, and robots! We also saw the latest in wearable health technology, exercise equipment, and even a few high-end smart watches.


After our staff got to “geek out” on all the gadgets we could find, we headed over to the Interdigital space. In these interviews Interdigital showed us how they were going to expand Wi-Fi coverage by creating access points, as well as how they were able to get the same high quality TV picture while also significantly reducing bit rates. This will help avoid the bandwidth crunch that is inevitably coming in the next few years.

The Broadcom space was our next stop where Executive Vice President (and CommNexus board member!) Dan Marotta presented the newest version of Broadcom’s cable modem that will ensure that everyone who wants a new 4k television in their home will get the high quality picture they’re expecting. Also, Broadcom showed off their latest wireless technology that will allow you to transfer a 5GB media file to your PC in seconds! I’m sure everyone with a GoPro camera will take notice.

Next we ventured up to the Outerwall booth where we met up with EvoNexus incubator alum, ecoATM. EcoATM invented a cell phone-recycling kiosk that will give users immediate cash in exchange for their old smartphone. Just swipe your driver’s license, insert your smartphone, get the cash quote, and confirm your decision to recycle your old device for some quick cash. Yes, it’s that simple!


Our last interview of the day was with ARM, which builds most of the things that go inside your devices. Maybe you don’t know exactly who ARM is, but just know that they are powering most of your devices and many of the drones that you saw flying around the Consumer Electronics Show!

Following the interviews, our staff split up so everyone had the opportunity to “geek out” one last time on the most innovative and fun products on display at CES. Some of us sprinted straight to the headphones, others went to the fitness devices, and some just needed a break after two full and intense days at the greatest technology week in the world.

Overall, it was another great year at CES for us and we can’t wait to get back next year and see what the tech world has in store!