EvoNexus Company Rock My Run Featured in the Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Los Angeles Times, Nov. 25, 2014) – Rock My Run: The 30-minute to 2-hour-plus music mixes can be personalized to your tastes, heart rate or foot strike.

Likes: Great variety; it’s easy to find something to your tastes. Choose from oldies, dub step, hip-hop, country and a dozen other genres, then personalize it via preferred beats per minute, or clean or explicit lyrics. The innovative MatchMe will even sync the tempo of the music to your walking or running steps. Numerous free mixes include Turnt Up, 45 minutes of hip-hop; the pop music Active Half-Hour of Power; Fast Times (45 minutes of ’80s); the 45-minute Country Kick; and, my favorite, the 30-minute Adventure Run 2C14 pop house collection by DJ Mark Thrasher.

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