EvoNexus Company Rock My World’s RockMyRun App Featured in Men’s Fitness

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Men’s Fitness, Dec. 22, 2014) – We knew it as early as 2008: music, according to a study that year, increases exercise endurance. Thirty participants were given tracks by Queen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Madonna and asked to keep in strict time with the beat of the songs, and the researchers found the runners had increased their endurance 15 percent, and kept up their motivation through a tough workout.

Times have changed–you won’t hear Queen over a gym loudspeaker anymore–as has the tech that we use to work out with. 2008’s Fitbit was a glorified pedometer you wore in a pocket. With the capability of today’s fitness trackers, and the DJ-injected taste of today’s motivational music, it was only a matter of time before someone married the two.

That marriage is called myBeat technology of RockMyRun, an Android and iPhone app that matches your music to your heartbeat.

“Growing up the chubby kid, I knew what it was like to find it difficult to exercise, and that can be something that holds a lot of people back,” says Adam Riggs-Ziegen, co-founder of RockMyRun. “There is clearly a need to have people better enjoy exercise, and if they enjoy exercise, they do it.”

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