GroupSolver’s One Piece of Advice For EvoNexus Applicants

What is GroupSolver and how has EvoNexus helped grow the company?

GroupSolver is revolutionizing the market research industry with it’s innovative market research software. We sell primarily to marketers and marketing research firms, as well as anyone looking to understand their customers better. Today, the state of the art in market research is focus groups and online surveys. GroupSolver combines the key benefits of both and automates the process via software, making it faster and cheaper.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of being part of EvoNexus for both your team and your company?

EvoNexus has been essential to our growth. In addition to providing us with office space and formal guidance, Evo has provided us with a network of fellow entrepreneurs who act as friends, mentors, and colleagues. Working at Evo, we work alongside the best and brightest San Diego-based entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Being surrounded by similar stage companies is invaluable to us as it helps keep us on the right path. We make better-informed decisions, minimize mistakes, and learn from our mistakes faster than we would without support from our Evo colleagues. When we have questions or need help, our Evo family always has our back!

Something potential applicants always want to know about the application process. Talk about your experience with the application and subsequent selection process.

We felt that the EvoNexus application process was very thorough and it forced us to examine ourselves and our company. The process helped us solidify our value proposition. After all, the simpler you can make it sound, the better you understand the market. As nerve-wrecking as it was at times, the selection process moved quite fast. Because the selection committee was transparent with what it was looking for, we felt like we understood where we stood throughout the process.

What would be the one piece of advice you’d give to entrepreneurs trying to get admitted into EvoNexus?

We have two pieces of advice which we’d like to share with Evo applicants. First of all, this is an exciting step for your company. You should be excited about the opportunity and let your excitement show throughout the application process. Nobody expects you to have every aspect of your business figured when you apply to Evo, but your passion and dedication will take you further than you may think.

Second, make sure to communicate the business opportunity clearly. It is easy to emphasize the technology or the problem you are solving, but a successful business is built upon the fundamental ability to deliver value to your target customer (and make you money in the process). If you already have a customer or two who will testify on your behalf, that is a powerful proof that you are building something people actually want and will pay for.

Call to Action

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend applying to join us at EvoNexus. We’re looking forward to you and your company joining the EvoNexus family. The GroupSolver team is here to help. We’d love to hear from you.