How Buildz Is Fixing A Broken System

What is Buildz?
Buildz is a software platform for the construction industry. We help small construction companies be more efficient and make more money. Buildz is special because we are connected live to the supply chain and we have a rules engine making the system easy to use. Our supporters include our customers, Home Depot, and other suppliers.


What’s the biggest issue facing the construction industry from a tech standpoint?
Coming online and having tools to use. The construction industry is just now getting the internet in their office, the jobsite. Now they need tools that help them make sales, buy products, collaborate with each other and help them run their business.

How does your product fix a broken system?
Buildz has:

  • Apps for every subcontractor to help them makes sales (think SalesForce),
  • We connect them to their suppliers (think Amazon),
  • We conduct transactions (think PayPal)

What has been the biggest challenge about starting a company?
Building a team and getting the supply chain to come onboard. Technical team members are in high demand right now. Building those resources without significant funding is very difficult, especially since our platform encompasses many aspects of technology. The supply chain has also been struggling with how to connect to their customers electronically. This is a new concept for the distribution channel and some are struggling with having a market maker like Buildz being part of the solution.

What has been the biggest benefit about being part of EvoNexus?
Mentors and validation have been the biggest benefits. Our mentors have provided honest insights, coaching, and support to help us move forward. The validation of being in EvoNexus helped us raise our first round of funding. It would have never happened without being part of EvoNexus.

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