How to Increase Event Sign Ups With a Social Thunderclap

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Increasing sign ups, managing brand consistency, and turning attendees into promoters is something almost every event organizer struggles with. Figuring out how to activate your supporters to leverage their communities and promote your event is critical for success. However, until now there wasn’t a clear easy way to do this. We recently learned about the new event technology trend called the “Thunderclap”.

We are using it for an upcoming event and wanted to share it with our fellow event community. You can use Thunderclap to generate major awareness for event announcements. Whether you’re promoting a music tour, festival, conference, or an athletic event, Thunderclap lets you engage fans to spread the word and drive attendance.


So what is an event thunderclap? is like a crowd funding platform for social media.

The simplest way to explain it is:

1) The brand creates a profile and message details about how to promote the event.  So everyone has the same brand consistency.

2) Organizers & brand advocates sign up to be on the promotion list.

3) Once the event has had enough “supporters” or at a set time – the same brand consistent message is promoted through everyone’s social media channels.

BOOM! There it is. Your event just hit Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin all at once with one consistent message.

These social media channels see your message as relevant because so many people are talking about it at once.

Tip: Organizing an event with a great headliner or celebrity spokesperson. It goes a long way in increasing your social reach and attracting supporters.

For more information watch this video: