kSafe Kickstarter is Live

kSafe, the latest product from Warehouse Innovations, has launched its Kickstarter campaign. The kSafe is part of a research proven system that turns temptation into motivation, so you always achieve your goals. Simply place your temptation into kSafe (cookies, TV remote, iPad, etc) and set your goal through the dedicated app.


Achieve your goals with this simple yet powerful process:

Step 1 – Place your temptation into kSafe. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and can’t keep your eyes off the TV, throw in the TV remote. If you’re a snacker and can’t resist tasty treats, throw in the cookies.

Step 2 – Set a goal using the smartphone app and lock kSafe. There are three different types of goals you can choose from, so you have full control of setting the bar.

Step 3 – Achieve your goal! Why? kSafe will only unlock when you’ve reached your goal. No overrides!

kSafe is powered by the things you love, so you always stay motivated. Hit your goal, enjoy your reward, and repeat.