Marketing Mondays @ EvoNexus


Every other Monday Chris d’Eon and Randy Gerson provide the Marking Mondays attendees with exceptional tips surrounding various startup marketing tactics and challenges. EvoNexus would like to recognize these two individuals who have generously donated their time and expertise to this program held in our downtown space.

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Marketing Mondays - Chris

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More about Chris d’Eon:
Chris has been responsible for Internet, Mobile, Radio, TV, eCommerce, Direct Mail, Print and Brand advertising. He has played a leader position at MOGL, Pathway Genomics,, Proflowers, and Intuit. He also launched the iMarketers Association and was president of the San Diego chapter of the Direct Marketing Association. In 2006, he received the The Margaret Sellers Award as San Diego marketer of the year.

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Marketing Mondays - Randy

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More about Randy Gerson:
Randy is a direct marketing and sales executive that specializes in growing sales and market share by implementing best practices coupled with proven testing methodology designed to increase profits.  Since the 1990’s he has successfully helped businesses launch and test new products, new strategies, new campaigns and new channels.  He has successfully worked with a variety of players with extensive experience in sales and marketing including Xerox, Experian, FedEx Kinkos, BioPharma Scientific, Cardium Therapuetics, MPA Media and more. He also served four years on the San Diego Direct Marketing Association where he was elected as President.


Q&A with Chris & Randy…

Q: Why do you volunteer to help San Diego entrepreneurs at EvoNexus?
A: Our parents and mentors have always encouraged us to give back to the community especially to those in need that have given so much us.  There is no greater need in our community than start-ups.  Also, in years past, we’ve seen bay area investors place funds into the San Diego start-ups and then try to move them up north.  We love San Diego and would rather not see anyone move and we are not moving either.  It’s important to keep smart talented entrepreneurs and marketers here.  We will do anything to make this happen.  Plus…we simply marketing and sales and want to see any start-up implement it right.

Q: What is special about working with start-ups?
A:  The Energy and excitement inside a start-up is triple that of a larger, more mature company.  They are more flexible, nimble and open to new ideas.  They tend to move faster than larger more established companies in general.

Q: Essential Business Philosophy?
A: We have 3 that we follow:
Experience + Innovative Thinking + Guts – Ego = Success
What Gets Measured Gets Improved
It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense, it Just has to Make Money

Q: Most significant business achievement to date?
A: We are very lucky and pleased to say that we have been employed by and consulted with many of the new impresarios (Jay Walker – founder of Priceline, Scott Cook – founder of INTUIT, Gary Stibel – Consultant to Fortune 50 CEOs, Bill Strauss – CEO at Proflowers, Paul Orfalea – founder of Kinko’s, Tom Kearns – CEO Xerox 70’s and 80’s – 1st USA company to win Malcolm Baldridge Award and the list goes on.)

Q: If you weren’t in marketing, you would be…
A: Teaching and mentoring others in any capacity we could.  We both like teaching and mentoring others.

Q: One thing people don’t know about Randy
A: I have been donating time to doing magic for child cancer patients in hospitals.

Q: One thing people don’t know about Chris
A: As a true geek I used to have a pictures of Steve Wazniak, Paul Allen and Scott McNealy on my college dorm wall.  And yes, I watch Dr Who.

Q: What does EvoNexus mean to you?
A: A forum for us to share and exchange new innovative marketing and sales strategies and ideas.  Its a great place to meet some of the most interesting start-ups in SD.