A New Record! 24 New Companies Admitted to EvoNexus San Diego and Irvine


EvoNexus welcomes the latest round of startup companies to the EvoNexus incubator! We have 13 new companies at EvoNexus Downtown, 3 new companies at EvoNexus UTC, and 8 new companies at EvoNexus Irvine. With the additions of these 24 companies the EvoNexus incubator is now home to 48 total companies at three locations!

Downtown/EvoStart Companies
Audvi: Location based delivery of audibly accessible documents dramatically reduce the barriers between businesses and their customers.

Clever Pet: CleverPet is a service and connected device that alleviates pet boredom by using their normal food to teach them to play games.

Doctible: An online marketplace that enables consumers to shop for healthcare based on price, quality and convenience

GroupSolver: Marketing research tool that helps firms quickly and cost effectively synthesize customer feedback into succinct managerial insights.

INOVA Drone: INOVA Drone is an advanced high performance-intuitive-easy to use aerial platform, engineered with new technology to timely get the job done.

Lab Fellows: Lab Fellows is a fast growing, online lab and equipment sharing platform for bootstrapping biotech startups and independent scientists.

Lennd: Lennd is the LinkedIn for Weddings. We are the only platform that connects the wedding world to truly service the bride, groom and attendees.

Obrary, Inc: Obrary offers a collaborative design and commerce platform focused on open product designs intended to be digitally manufactured.

PartySpark.com: PartySpark.com lets you compare the prices and packages of caterers, photographers, DJs, rentals, and entertainment acts all on one website.

Tortuga Logic: Tortuga Logic is a proprietary software to analyze the security properties in hardware designs and prevent cyber security breaches.

UVA Mobile: New to the world; UVA Mobile’s platform provides personalized prepaid mobile services and value-add services to businesses and consumers.

Warehouse Innovations: Improve health and wellness by helping people accomplish goals with research-based products that fight temptation.

What Say You: When we are young we learn by asking questions…poking, prodding, listening, sharing, discovering, but always questioning. WhatSayYou honors that childlike curiosity and seeks to extend it to a global community, turning those ever present devices in our hands into tools of connection rather than isolation. We want to reveal the connections we all share through the sharing of what we all think, feel and believe about not only the great questions of our time, but also the events and ideas shaping our world today.

EvoNexus UTC Companies
MANTA Instruments: An online marketplace that enables consumers to shop for healthcare based on price, quality and convenience.

Mobile TREC: MobileTREC provides next generation mobile safety through both enterprise solutions and direct-to-consumer offerings. Our patented technology allows us to offer a level of personal, mobile safety that is unmatched by anything in the current marketplace. Amongst the threat of day-to-day crimes, public attacks, and natural disasters, MobileTREC provides piece of mind that you and your loved ones can get help with the press of a button on your smartphone.

SonicVR: Sonic VR is revolutionizing 3D audio for headphones. Our technology adapts to the listener’s unique anatomy and physiology allowing the listener to experience enveloping and realistic 3D sounds. Sonic VR works with all audio content, ranging from traditional stereo music files to sophisticated virtual-reality sound objects. Welcome to the future of audio.

EvoNexus Irvine Companies
Abtum: A tunable RF duplexer for mobile handsets that offers significant performance and cost improvements with LTE enabled products.

AGGIOS: Energy management software that enhances usage efficiency for next generation mobile and plugged consumer products.

Buildz: Mobile apps and cloud platform for small contractors to acquire customers, collaborate, increase efficiency, and conduct transactions in the construction sector.

icClarity: A breakthrough 3D video imaging solution comprised of a patented 1-chip 3D imager that will impact the mobile handset market.

Kadho: Games, ebooks, and activities on mobile platforms featuring scientifically validated auditory and visual stimuli designed to enhance neurological growth for children.

PhageTech: A new, patented hybrid ElectroPhage bio-Sensor (EPS) technology using harmless bacteriophages instead of antibodies to detect bladder cancer.

Polyceed: Novel smart glass technology that changes optical properties without external power that will impact building design.

TinyKicks: A flexible, wireless smart sensor that captures fetal movement with machine learning to predict and guide healthy pregnancy outcomes.