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San Diego IEEE – Cyber Security Entrepreneurial Workshop

March 28, 2014

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+++ Cyber Workshop details:
Purpose: Collectively quantify “what really matters in cyber security” (and get beyond “continuing to admire the cyber problem”) and then have the SD/SoCal cyber community present their specific security gap filler capabilities – innovative and disruptive cyber technologies.

Who: Managers looking for high ROI, innovative, implementable security capabilities, companies who need a cyber partner, investors, and of course – innovators, start-ups and anyone with a novel way to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities.

Why: By now we all realize that the risk of damage and loss of intellectual property (IP), bank accounts, and privacy from cyber-attacks continues to increase significantly. With daily reports of intrusions against private and public systems alike, with millions of records containing confidential information and IP/data being stolen- so we must collectively ask, what are the key, mandatory cyber mitigation measures to have in place?

With all the news articles on companies being hacked – Target’s loss of 110 million accounts is but ONE example (btw, they had a huge hack in 2005 too), ‘ransomware’ starting to proliferate again – combined with the recent NIST / Whitehouse’s CIP cyber security framework efforts, that all contribute to the “fog of cyber security” for most business owners. Thus, just what MUST we do AND are there new, upcoming technologies that can help protect the network better, simpler?

How: This Cyber workshop will quantify the security protections necessary to achieve the cyber bottom line – effective, due diligence protections, and also clarify and simplify the cyber security and business risks therein. With a couple of cyber experts to frame the effort and then lots of cool, innovative company’s showing you how they are filling the cyber gaps – including how this relates to the “Internet of things / everything.”

GOAL – develop a common, overarching cyber model that allows us to provide a common homogeneous security posture in an environment with heterogeneous components and uneven trust.

More on the agenda and speaker bios.



March 28, 2014
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