MarketLink: a Unique Way to Engage with our Global Strategic Partners

“How does an incubator help grow a start-up?”

If you posed this question to a room full of both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs, few would struggle to answer the question. Responses would in all likelihood cover a range of topics from business plan development through capital formation. Most respondents would know that admittance begins with an application followed by a selection process and if chosen, an exchange of equity for services or investment.

Indeed, the EvoNexus incubator operates in very much the same way albeit with the following significant differences.

1. We concentrate on portfolio companies that are developing technologies and addressing markets of interest to our strategic partners
2. We are a non-profit organization which requires we stay lean while delivering low-cost, high-touch services to admitted portfolio companies
3. We complement our incubator with a lesser known, extraordinarily successful MarketLink Program


While most entrepreneurs could recite key features of an incubator, few could describe MarketLink. EvoNexus christened the first MarketLink with Samsung in the late 2000’s and since then, we’ve held over sixty-five events.

Traditionally, each MarketLink culminated with face-to-face meetings in San Diego between key leaders/decision-makers from sponsoring corporation and selected companies alike. Since onset of the global pandemic, virtual meetings are now the norm and accordingly, MarketLink is garnering broader, global participation. So, what is MarketLink? The answer depends on one’s perspective.

Our strategic sponsors are constantly on the lookout for game-changing innovation that broadens their perspective and complements their long-term vision. Gone are the days when a multinational could solely focus on in-house initiatives to accomplish technology and market goals. Speed is critical and MarketLink serves up an efficient means of connecting and collaborating with innovative, entrepreneurial teams.

Emerging companies need access. Whether to investment capital, revenue, market validation, or product development guidance; fast, efficient access is their lifeblood. The EvoNexus team understands and MarketLink delivers by efficiently connecting selected companies with influential corporations. Best of all, MarketLink is FREE to applicant companies. Whether selected or not, emerging companies incur neither cost nor obligation for participating.

Over the past year, EvoNexus ran four MarketLinks for our strategic partners with noteworthy results:

1. Over 350 applicants received
2. More than 20% of applications deemed worthy of deeper review by strategic partner teams
3. Thirty-two companies presented to sponsor cross-functional teams ( average of twenty attendees per presentation)
4. Thirty percent of presenting companies remain engaged with the strategic partner


EvoNexus’ MarketLink is a unique way of linking up emerging companies with our multinational sponsors and is truly a win-win for all involved. Sponsors benefit through early engagement with innovative companies while those very companies gain “access” critical to their success.

EvoNexus runs four MarketLinks per year with the next one scheduled late 1Q22. Stay tuned for more information.