In Partnership with Evonexus

Murata Innovation Week

July 26 - 28, 2022

Leap past your competition by collaborating with Murata to accelerate your business!

Murata is seeking innovative early-stage and growth companies driven to build the future of electronics in concert with a global industry leader. Successful applicants will meet directly with key Murata decision-makers to explore various pathways to shared success.

Deadline to Apply: June 19, 2022

About Murata

Global Corporation

Global Corporation

Murata was founded in 1944 with global headquarters in Kyoto, today it is a leader in global electronics and one of the 25 largest corporations in Japan.

Electronics Innovator

Electronics Innovator

The Murata innovation center was just opened December 2020 to lead marketing and new business creations, for automotive, IoT, energy, healthcare fields.

Manufacturing Expertise

Manufacturing Expertise

Murata’s vast manufacturing network delivers high quality products to a wide range of tradition and emerging industries.

About Evonexus

MarketLink is a program started by EvoNexus, California’s leading non-profit technology incubator. Multinationals from around the globe have taken advantage of this pro-bono program for over 15 years to successfully connect with hundreds of promising startups and emerging growth companies.

Why Apply?

Explore partnering opportunities with a multi-national corporation possessing differentiating expertise in R&D, manufacturing, and sales channels.

Additionally, selected finalists will present virtually this year to Murata executives from the US & Japan.

Potential Partnering Opportunities

Access invaluable resources for various stages of product development & commercialization

Technology Development
Scaling up & Business Expansion

Core Areas of Interest

Murata and EvoNexus seek to identify and collaborate with innovative companies in these 3 key areas

Core Areas of Interest

Murata and EvoNexus seek to identify and collaborate with innovative companies in these 3 key areas

Deep Tech

Semiconductor, Advanced Materials, 6G/RF/Wireless, Sensors, Energy Harvesting, Batteries, AI

Med Tech

Biosensors, Implants, Wearables, Stretchable Electronics, Ultra-miniaturization Technology

Clean Tech

Carbon Capture, Energy, Batteries/BAAS, Sustainability, Renewables, Water, Green Hydrogen, Recyclability, Other Green Initiatives

Murata North America Subsidiaries

About Murata
Manufacturer of radio frequency and mixed-signal communications integrated circuits.
Manufacturer and distributor of power storage and converters designed for electronic applications.
Provider of patient management information systems designed to focus on clinical workflow automation.
Developer of a software and service platform for designing radio frequency front ends for mobile device industry.

Applicant Engagement Process

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