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RBC MarketLink

Seeking early-stage and growth companies looking to scale and advance their technology roadmaps in partnership with one of the 15 largest banks in the world.

Deadline to Apply: November 2, 2022

No-Cost, No-Obligation* to the Applicant
*Applicants are not required to apply/join the EvoNexus Incubator

Strategic Partner

Paving the future for financial innovation

Following the success of RBC’s partnership with EvoNexus, RBC is now excited to announce their first ever MarketLink Program. This program aims to connect established companies looking to scale and advance their technology roadmaps in partnership with RBC’s innovation team. Applicant will have unique exposure to innovation decision makers across RBC’s largest emerging technology teams and will be guided by mentors and experienced investors from EvoNexus.

About EvoNexus MarketLink

MarketLink is a program started by EvoNexus, California’s leading non-profit technology incubator. Multinationals from around the globe have taken advantage of this pro-bono program for over 15 years and successfully connected hundreds of startups with high-tech corporations.

Let’s Architect the Future of Financial Innovation Together

Collaborate with RBC to deliver innovative solutions in several emerging technologies that we believe will reshape the future of financial services. Selected companies will get access to invaluable resources for various stages of product development & commercialization.

Innovate with

  • Joint product development
  • Proof of concept or pilot
  • IP and/or technology licensing

EvoNexus Services

  • Business Incubation
  • Potential equity investment

Areas of Interest for Mutual Collaboration

RBC are looking for companies that have unique solutions focused on these categories of emerging tech

Payments, Loyalty, & Commerce

  • Payment Chargeback Management
  • Payment Dispute Resolution
  • Personalized Offers
  • NFTs and Payments in Loyalty
  • Predictive Technology (e.g., forecasting future purchases, probability a transaction is fraudulent)
  • Location-based Offers
  • Biometric Payments
  • Digital Identity Solutions
  • Data storage
  • IOT Tech Opportunities
  • In-path Offers

Digital Identity

  • Public/Private key cryptography
  • Identity governance & administration
  • Biometric solutions
  • Digital identity solutions

Cyber Security

  • Quantum security
  • Web application protection
  • IoT security
  • Anti-phishing technology

Money Movement Innovation

  • CBDC support infrastructure
  • Blockchains and sidechains
  • DeFi solutions
  • Crypto and stablecoin infrastructure
  • NFTs and smart contracts

Data Privacy & Security

  • Applied cryptography for data privacy
  • Confidential computing
  • Tokenization
  • Cloud data protection solutions

More Examples:

  • Applied cryptography for safeguarding data
  • Payments on top of decentralized rails such as side-chains / lightning networks
  • Better ways for payment dispute resolutions and chargeback management
  • Transactional data labeling
  • Biometric payments
  • Loyalty and rewards built on top of blockchain
  • DeFi for money movement and management
  • Confidential computing for data management

RBC MarketLink Application

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No-Cost, No-Obligation* to the Applicant
*Applicants are not required to apply/join the EvoNexus Incubator

Applications are now closed.

About EvoNexus

EvoNexus is California’s leading nonprofit technology startup incubator located in San Diego. EvoNexus has successfully incubated over 260 startups with a survival rate of over 85%. Since the incubator’s formation in 2010, EvoNexus companies have secured over $1.6B in venture funding, $8B in pre-exit valuation, and had over 40 acquisitions valued at over $2.1B. EvoNexus is supported by corporate partners, including some of the largest multinational corporations in the world.