Interview with Aira Co-Founder & CEO Suman Kanunganti

Listen in to the interview with Co-Founder and CEO of Aira Suman Kanunganti by clicking here

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Blind Abilities Teen Cast Interviews Aira CEO

Join Jeff Thompson and Pete Lane and their guest, Suman Kanuganti, Co-founder and CEO of AIRA. AIRA leverages smart glasses, such as Google Glass to provide a dynamic service to blind users. Beginning with the Explorer program slated to begin in September and October of 2016, this device and the service associated with it promises to be a viable benefit with infinite potential for the blind for years to come.

Listen to Jeff and Pete as they engage in a detailed and fascinating look at AIRA in this 47 minute interview, complete with inserted audio from the AIRA.IO web site. Settle-in and hear about the trial, the trained agents, facial recognition and the artificial intelligence that will shape this experience over the next few years. 

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