Abtum Featured In Latest Mobile Experts Market Report

In the latest Mobile Experts marketing report, Abtum has been featured as a promising disruptive filter technology provider! Their QPX product and Ultra-Iso technology are highlighted in detail in the report. 

Mobile Experts report is a global reference for top RF Front-End players. Please find the full report HERE.

Abtum is a fabless supplier of next generation RF front-end filters for 4G/4.5G LTE and 5G. Abtum’s products target the multi-billion dollar LTE Carrier Aggregation (LTE-CA) market. Abtum’s multi-patented Ultra-Iso technology platform enables high value quadplexer products for LTE-CA. Abtum is experiencing a growing demand for its first product after the introduction of the alpha samples to the market. Abtum is now developing beta (qualification) products in collaboration with customers.