As Tech Giants Double Down On Censorship, New Social Media Platform That Protects Free Speech Launches Today

CloutHub’s all-in-one platform harnesses the power of social media to do good First-of-its-kind social media platform dedicated to civic and political engagement

IRVINE, Calif.Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

In the wake of the most extraordinary examples of censorship and free speech suppression by the giant social media platforms recently, the first-ever social media platform dedicated to civic and political engagement was launched today.

CloutHub fills a void in the broader social media marketplace for a purpose-driven, multi-functional platform that moves beyond the self-serving “look at me” nature of social networking to using social media to address today’s top challenges. Furthermore, by applying principles dedicated to personal privacy and free speech, CloutHub empowers users to address issues they care about, to grow their influence, and to make a difference – on a platform where you can be yourself, no matter what.

The platform, which marks the dawn of the next generation of social media, is like no other in the social media space today, as it offers tools to enable users to engage in local, state, and national action, hold elected officials accountable, and make a positive impact on society today.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of CloutHub, which uses the power of social media to bring people together through civic and political engagement,” said Jeff Brain, the founder of CloutHub. “Our platform enables users to engage in issues they care about to genuinely make a difference in the world. While the tech giants practice censorship, we practice citizenship, as we use social media to do good in our communities and throughout the world. It’s time to stop posting and start doing!” he concluded.

This all-in-one platform takes the best functions of social media platforms today, and also allows users to connect, express themselves, collaborate, take action, and solve problems in one convenient platform. CloutHub has received great reviews from early adopters for its ease-of-use and tools for civic and political engagement, offering a completely different value proposition for social media users. The company plans to return 10% of its profits through grants that its members can apply for in order to support their civic causes and projects.

The platform is backed by a strong team of technology advisors and CloutHub team members, including the product development director for Google, the former president of the PC division of IBM, the former CTO of MySpace, as well as many social media and political influencers.

“I’ve been involved in the development of some of the most advanced social media platforms in history,” said Ravi Narasimhan, the product development director for Google. “CloutHub is in a class unto itself as far as social media platforms go. It’s designed to put power in the hands of every user and help them make a difference in the world. Most importantly, it’s what society really needs right now,” he concluded.

Using the platform is simple. After downloading, users get to join or form groups that reflect their interests, follow news feeds, engage in forums, subscribe to channels, or watch and post videos – it offers all of the traditional features of the top social media platforms in an all-in-one platform, but delivers tools that focus on doing versus just posting.

CloutHub also provides privacy protections, with no datamining, tracking, or selling user data, and ensures a neutral platform where every individual’s right to free speech is respected.

The platform is part of an exclusive California startup incubator called EvoNexus, which fosters a path to long-term sustainability for fundable, commercially viable companies. Only 3% of all applicants get accepted, and they boast a 97% success rate of their companies receiving funds over the last two years.

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