BD announces EvoNexus Alumni CRISI Medical Systems takeover

BD has announced the acquisition of CRISI Medical Systems, a deal that is expected to strengthen the company’s position in the injection safety market.

The San Diego-based medical technology company is dedicated to improving the safety and delivery of intravenous injectable medications. It has been working with BD on a collaborative product development project since June 2013.

Over the last two years, the companies have worked side-by-side on the creation of the BD Intelliport Medication Management System, a first-of-its-kind medication management solution for manual intravenous bolus injections.

The first and only solution to provide real-time drug identification, dose measurement and allergy detection at the point of injection while wirelessly sending captured information directly into the patient’s electronic medical record, the system is expected to launch in spring 2015.

Tom Polen, president of BD Medical, said the deal “gives BD access to the injection safety market with a differentiated platform that we believe, when combined with our pending CareFusion acquisition, will significantly enhance our growing end-to-end intravenous medication safety offering”.

BD is expecting to close its acquisition of CareFusion within the next couple of months.