Beyond Lyft and Uber: How To Make Money Using Your Car

(Forbes, November 9, 2015) – One of your greatest “hidden assets” in plain sight is your car. Whether you’re driving it or someone else is, there are ways to pocket extra cash at your convenience with a crop of new companies that match drivers with those who want cars, rides and services . In general, you’ll need insurance and a clean driving record. Some companies require you have a smart phone in order to respond to bids and to make arrangements. Ride-sharing companies and advertisers often require a newer-model car, say after 2008.

  • Sell advertising: There are many companies that offer to lease ad space on your car from anywhere from $100 to $600 per month, depending on the service you choose, where you live, and how much you drive. You generally have to have your own car less than 10 years old in good shape, insurance, a clean driving record, and be an active driver in an urban area. With Wrapify, for example, drivers are paid per mile and make about $400-$600 per month with no upfront costs. Also check out (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware).
  • Help people move: If you have a van, truck or other large vehicle, you can use it to help people move large items, such as furniture. Try or GoShare drivers take 80% of the total fee for the vehicle/driver rental, which is charged per minute with a minimum. BuddyTruk’s website says you can make up to $40 an hour.

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