Brelyon Collaborates with Franklin Templeton to Rethink Trading Monitor Setups

Companies to jointly test and incubate a replacement solution to multi-monitor setups for office and telework

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San Mateo, CA — October 1, 2020 — Brelyon, a Silicon Valley-based startup, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Franklin Templeton to pilot test its immersive light-field displays as a replacement for multi-monitor setups. Franklin Templeton has also invested in the first round of the startup’s fundraising through a founding sponsorship via the EvoNexus fintech incubator.

As part of Brelyon’s ongoing early access program, Franklin Templeton will become Brelyon’s first pilot customer. The objective of the collaboration is to finetune Brelyon’s technology to meet the specific needs of traders and other heavy users of multi-monitor setups, as well as validate its viability as a work-from-home solution.

“Brelyon’s revolutionary display recreates a multi-monitor setup in a compact form factor to improve employee comfort, focus and productivity, both at work and at home,” said Ben Batory, SVP, Equity Trading at Franklin Templeton. “We have seen other solutions like AR and VR headsets, but of course those have to be worn on the face. So, we are very excited to see a solution that brings that level of immersion without the need to wear any headgear.”

Brelyon’s device offers a virtual 120-inch screen with a large horizontal field of view, in a compact physical form factor equivalent to a single 32-inch monitor. At the heart of Brelyon’s solution is a proprietary light field expansion technology, which changes the depth of the image along with the field of view of the user via macro-scale engineering of the wavefront — thereby rendering a panoramic image that appears to be five feet away from the viewer and also consistent with their head movements.

“The future of immersion goes beyond headsets and wearables,” said Brelyon Chief Executive Officer Barmak Heshmat. “We’re doing something nobody has ever seen before. Having the support of Franklin Templeton will give us a great testbed to implement our technology where it can bring value.”


Located in San Mateo, California, Brelyon produces compact, immersive displays that replace multi-monitor setups.

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