Cook Medical and Zelegent, Inc. Begin Sales and Marketing Agreement

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. & LA JOLLA, Calif.–Today, Cook Medical and Zelegent, Inc. announce an agreement to enhance treatment options for patients suffering from snoring. Working together, the two companies will market Zelegent’s new minimally invasive technology for snoring. The Elevo® Kit Snoring Intervention Device allows physicians to perform Elevoplasty® in an office-based setting with no general anesthesia.

“We are pleased that the value of this innovative procedure has attracted such a well-trusted company in the ENT device space.”

Headquartered in La Jolla, California, Zelegent is a medical device manufacturer dedicated to creating patient solutions for sleep disorders. In 2017, physicians in eight U.S. medical centers completed a Zelegent-sponsored multi-center clinical trial. The trial evaluated a snoring intervention via Elevoplasty, a procedure created by Zelegent and performed in an office setting. The S.I.L.E.N.C.E.1 clinical study included both academic institutions and private practitioners, including several thought leaders of sleep disorder treatments and international lecturers on sleep surgery in the field of otolaryngology.

“This collaboration with Cook Medical is the next step in bringing Elevoplasty to the offices of both sleep disorder specialists and otolaryngologists,” said Alexander K. Arrow, MD, chief executive officer of Zelegent. “We are pleased that the value of this innovative procedure has attracted such a well-trusted company in the ENT device space.”

As part of the collaborative effort, Cook Medical will provide global sales, marketing, and distribution support. The company’s Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (OHNS) team currently provides minimally invasive products to treat obstructive salivary gland disorders, as well as head and neck advanced tissue repair grafts. This agreement allows Cook Medical to expand its product portfolio to include treatment options for snoring.

“We saw a need for new options to help patients struggling with snoring,” said Thomas Cherry, OHNS global business leader. “We found that Zelegent’s solution aligns perfectly with Cook Medical’s mission to support minimally invasive procedures, and we are excited to help bring this technology to patients in the near future.”

Indications for use of the Elevo Kit Snoring Intervention Device include symptomatic, habitual, and social snoring due to palatal flutter.


About Zelegent, Inc.

Zelegent, Inc. (formerly Snorx, Inc.) is a medical technology company founded and 43% owned by sleep disorder specialist physicians working to create innovative tools to treat sleep disorders. The company’s mission is to develop and provide minimally invasive devices to effectively alleviate primary snoring. Elevoplasty® is a patented, office-based procedure. For updates, find Zelegent online at, or on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Pinterest. Zelegent is part of the EvoNexus family of companies.

About Cook Medical

Since 1963, Cook Medical has worked closely with physicians to develop technologies that eliminate the need for open surgery. Today, we are combining medical devices, biologic materials and cellular therapies to help the world’s healthcare systems deliver better outcomes more efficiently. We have always remained family owned so that we have the freedom to focus on what we care about: patients, our employees, and our communities. Find out more at, and for the latest news, follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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Alexander K. Arrow, MD, CFA
Chief Executive Officer, Zelegent, Inc.
4250 Executive Square, Suite 200
La Jolla, CA 92037

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