Crypteron’s Game-Changing Security Platform Provides Data Breach Mitigation in Minutes for Microsoft Azure Applications

A few lines of code bring robust, built-in security to applications in the public cloud.

SAN DIEGO – (11/24/15) – Crypteron announced today that its developer-friendly security platform will work seamlessly with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, enabling organizations to secure their applications in minutes. News of the turn-key solution’s arrival comes as data breaches continue to dominate the headlines, making concerns over security the greatest barrier to organizations moving into the public cloud. While other cybersecurity vendors add complexity and risk, Crypteron seeks to make mission-critical security simple.

As the cybersecurity discussion has been heating up over the past year, developers have become of central focus. Organizations and cybersecurity experts alike are quickly realizing that the only way to have a fighting chance in the ongoing battle against malicious hackers is to limit the amount of potential areas that can be exploited by a cyber-attack in the first place.

Crypteron seeks to pioneer this proactive approach by reducing the circle of trust to the application itself – any machine or person (malicious or not) outside this tight boundary is left with useless, military-grade encrypted data. Developers simply insert a few lines of code into their .NET or Java application and an entire security platform is automatically enabled, providing built-in high-end security and instant regulatory compliance. All in all, the solution has saved organizations from fatal data breaches and cut over a year of development time while avoiding risky, error prone custom code.

Crypteron CEO Sid Shetye elaborated, “Everybody agrees that security is the most important aspect of cloud hosting, and Microsoft is leading the charge by promoting Crypteron to its Azure customers. We are thrilled that Microsoft has recognized the value of our powerful security solution that makes security the easiest aspect of cloud hosting.”

“The reality with security is that it’s a nuanced thing,” explained Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group, “it requires all of us to lean in to build secure solutions that end users and consumers can take advantage of.”

A recent milestone for the company was when one of their customers, Ten8Tech, achieved the first ever deployment of sensitive FBI data in the public cloud, thanks to Crypteron’s solution. “Headlines about data breaches at high-profile companies have become more prevalent,” said Anthony Formhals, CEO at Ten8Tech, “Crypteron makes security a non-issue with the ability to ensure all data is encrypted at the application level.”

Crypteron’s security framework is currently available by subscription for any developer of .NET or Java applications, both on the Crypteron website and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users can start with a free trial and can upgrade to a number of different plans that support any project or need, from startups to global enterprises.

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centers. You can build applications using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks.

About Crypteron

Crypteron is a data security company that prevents data breaches via its cloud-first, developer-friendly security platform. With just a few lines of code, businesses are protected from data breaches while achieving instant regulatory compliance and saving over a year of development time. At Crypteron, mission-critical security is made simple. Visit to learn more.

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