Cypher Genomics Collaborates with Celgene Corporation to Identify Novel Genomic Biomarkers

SAN DIEGO, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cypher Genomics, Inc., a leading genome informatics company, today announced a collaboration with Celgene Corporation to apply Cypher’s CoralTM technology to discover novel genomic biomarkers that associate with patient response to innovative medicines. The information generated from the collaboration is intended to help accelerate patient access to the right medicine at the right time, increasing efficiencies in clinical research and development and potentially inform new companion diagnostics.

“To improve drug development, we have to personalize it. Celgene is employing sophisticated analytics and computational approaches to drive new insights from clinical data,” said Adam Simpson, president and COO of Cypher Genomics. “We look forward to working with Celgene and applying Cypher’s Coral technology to use genomic information to identify patient response to innovative therapies that are changing the course of human health through transformational science.”

As human genome sequencing has become more accurate and accessible, the adoption of genomic sequencing beyond targeted panels in clinical development has been impeded by the difficulty of discovering a signal from the noise of genomic data. Cypher has developed robust, scalable, and automated genome interpretation technology to quickly identify genetic markers and their contribution to therapeutic responses and disease management.

“Cypher has shown through multiple validation studies that our Coral technology can find novel biomarker signatures in genomic data from small clinical studies,” said Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D., CEO of Cypher Genomics. “We look forward to working with Celgene on this first project and identifying additional ways we can incorporate our genome interpretation expertise to help improve clinical research efficiency and deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time sooner.”

Cypher’s Coral technology was developed to unlock the information contained in genome sequencing data by identifying genomic biomarkers to improve drug development and enable personalized medicine. The benefits of biomarker discovery to deliver precision medicine is clear – matching therapies to patients can drive better healthcare through better clinical outcomes.

About Cypher Genomics
Cypher Genomics is a leading genome informatics company offering a highly accurate, rapid and robust interpretation software solution for users of human genome sequencing. The proprietary, automated genomic interpretation platform allows clinical laboratories to tune Cypher Genomics’ market leading sensitivity and specificity profiles to develop molecular tests for diagnostic and prognostic use and pharmaceutical companies to discover biomarkers from whole genome sequence data in sample sizes typical of early stage drug development studies. Through MantisTM, the genome interpretation software as a service offering, and CoralTM, a biomarker discovery service, Cypher Genomics can improve health care and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions. Cypher Genomics is located in San Diego, California.

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