Do Smart Drugs Work? Startups App Uses Your Health Data to Find Out

IRVINE, CA – 11/18/2016 — Modern AlkaMe, a Southern California based startup, says its platform can accurately track the efficacy, as well as recommend, various cognitive enhancing supplements known as Nootropics.

Modern AlkaMe, the company changing the way cognitive supplement use is evaluated, today announced the launch of its platform as the only tool on the market capable of assessing the efficacy of supplements. For the very first time, consumers will be able to track the definitive impact of cognitive enhancing supplements (Nootropics) on their performance.

Nootropics have seen an increase in popularity among many Silicon Valley tech stars, Wall Street executives, and Biohackers alike due to the claims of boosting cognitive performance – memory, focus, stamina, neuro-protection, creativity, and mood. Although Nootropics are generally safe, the validation of their efficacy has been heavily reliant on anecdotal evidence and marketing claims.

Modern AlkaMe is confident that its unique, proprietary technology will help Nootropic users discover how various Nootropics and Nootropic stacks truly improve cognition.

As opposed to the one-size-fits-all supplement approach, we are utilizing hundreds of data points to allow a persons unique biochemistry to guide their supplement decisions, states Bryan Welker, Co-Founder and COO of Modern AlkaMe. He continues, “Our users have been able to optimize their stacks and in turn, optimize their performance – this has never been done before and is quite ground breaking.”

The Modern AlkaMe platform analyzes data from over 300 wearable devices, digital health records, personal input, and social media activity, allowing Modern AlkaMe to provide holistic analytics at a granular level. This is known as your Digital Phenotype. The technology is also capable of predicting new Nootropics and stack variations based on user-specific data.

Co-Founder and CEO, Garrett Ruhland states, “There currently isnt a data-driven approach to nutrition.” Ruhland, a Duke alum and Nootropic veteran, is also noted for his work on formulating commercial Nootropic products. “Our platform uses machine learning to analyze a person’s digital phenotype and quantify the impact that supplements may have; learning how your body and mind respond, making recommendations more personalized the longer you use it.”

Modern AlkaMe has opened up beta registration for the application, which is scheduled to debut December of this year.

Currently part of the EvoNexus incubator, Modern AlkaMe is conducting its seed round of funding.

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