ecoATM Expands Kiosks to Austin

Austin, TX (KEYE TV, April 6, 2015) – If you’ve got an old phone stashed in a drawer, it’s now easier than ever to trade it for instant cash.  Big green kiosks called ecoATMs are popping up across Austin.

It looks like an ATM, but this is not your typical money machine. Consumers trade a used cell phone for instant cash.

Dashondrae Hurts has already sold an iPhone 4 at one of the two kiosks in Highland Mall.

“Got $250 for it,” said Hurts.

iPhones are clearly money-makers, but what about an old Motorola Moto.

“$6! They offer more than that for broken iPhones. That’s crazy,” said Hurts.  This time, Hurts decided no deal.

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