Edico Genome Announces Flagship Global Distribution Partnership Program

SAN DIEGOMarch 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Edico Genome, the leading secondary analysis solution provider for next-generation sequencing (NGS), today unveiled its DRAGEN™ Global Distribution Partner Network, a new program broadening access to its DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to markets around the world. The Global Distribution Partner Network will provide new and existing DRAGEN customers with regionally focused technical and sales support, streamlining the purchase and implementation of DRAGEN.

Edico Genome has established numerous partnerships with distributors around the globe, including with organizations based in ChinaTaiwanSouth KoreaIsrael and Portugal. Agreements with additional partners across EuropeAsia and South America are being finalized.

Steven Qui, chief executive officer at BIOSTAR, Edico Genome’s China-based distribution partner, said, “Our partnership with Edico Genome is built on a mutual commitment to arm laboratories with the solutions and resources needed to optimize their performance. Adding DRAGEN to our portfolio now enables us to help our NGS customers greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of their large-scale data analysis work, bolstering their performance.”

Through this program, Edico Genome will equip distributors with the knowledge and materials needed to provide custom, localized support and purchasing assistance for DRAGEN customers. Regional distributors will provide in-person customer support and guidance throughout all stages of the purchasing, integration and utilization of DRAGEN.

“Through our partnerships with key industry distributors, laboratories around the world can now easily access and integrate DRAGEN into their NGS workflows, enabling more scientists, doctors and patients to potentially benefit from rapid and highly accurate analysis of NGS data,” said Katherine Atkinson, vice president of business development at Edico Genome. “DRAGEN’s distributors are selected based upon their knowledge and understanding of the NGS and bioinformatics industries, ensuring customers receive the highest level of service and support available. Edico Genome is committed to providing our partners with the training and tools needed to provide hands-on localized support and ensure a smooth integration of DRAGEN into their NGS workflow.”

Leveraging field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, DRAGEN rapidly accelerates analysis of NGS data, completing analysis in as little as 20 minutes. The DRAGEN platform is highly reconfigurable, enabling users to run DRAGEN’s complete suite of pipelines, including Germline, Somatic, RNA and more, all from the same platform. Edico Genome’s dedicated staff of bioinformaticians, computer scientists and engineers continuously develop new algorithms and features pipelines designed to increase accuracy, speed and scalability. DRAGEN is available both onsite, in the Cloud and through a blended hybrid-cloud solution.

To be considered for selection into Edico Genome’s Global Distribution Partner Network program, please email info@edicogenome.com.

About Edico Genome

Edico Genome is the leading secondary analysis solution provider for next-generation sequencing, delivering its powerful DRAGEN Bio-IT platform to clinical, research and genome centers around the globe. Leveraging field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, DRAGEN delivers best-in-class accuracy, speeds, scalability and costs, enabling customers of all sizes to focus on what matters most – delivering breakthrough results. The comprehensive set of DRAGEN pipelines can be run onsite, in the Cloud or through a seamless hybrid cloud blend, allowing organizations to scale as their throughput fluctuates. Edico Genome has set two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles for its speed, and received top marks for its accuracy in the recent PrecisionFDA Challenge. For more information about DRAGEN, visit www.edicogenome.com.


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