Edico Genome Launches DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform On AWS Marketplace, Utilizing New Amazon EC2 F1 Instances

SAN DIEGOSept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Edico Genome today announced the commercial deployment of its DRAGENTM Bio-IT platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, enabled by the recent general availability of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) F1 instance type. Amazon EC2 F1 instances are powered by Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and are designed to provide capabilities for hardware-accelerating big data applications, such as genomics. With the integration of Edico Genome’s FPGA-backed DRAGEN Bio-IT platform on Amazon EC2 F1 instances, the accuracy, speed, flexibility and low cost of DRAGEN can now be accessed on AWS Marketplace.

“Although FPGA technology has been around for some time now, its application in the genomics industry is profound, greatly reducing analysis times and increasing accuracy,” said Barry Russell, General Manager of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “On the cloud, speed translates directly into cost, so DRAGEN’s FPGA-based solution delivers a cost-efficient solution for our customers.” 

Amazon EC2 F1 is a compute instance utilizing FPGAs that can be programed to create custom hardware accelerations. Amazon EC2 F1 instances are offered in two different sizes: an F1.2xlarge that includes a single FPGA and an F1.16xlarge that includes eight FPGAs. Amazon EC2 F1 instances enable parallel reconfigurable computing as well as custom memory hierarchy. Each instance includes local 64 GiB DDR4 ECC protected memory, with a dedicated PCIe Gen3 x16 connection.

“The availability of DRAGEN’s genomic analysis applications on AWS Marketplace allows our customers of all sizes to tap into the enhanced accuracy and speeds provided by DRAGEN without the upfront onsite investment,” said Pieter van Rooyen, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at Edico Genome. “Our goal is to provide organizations of all disciplines and throughput volumes with access to the tools needed to accelerate and advance their work. As we continue to expand our cloud portfolio, we’ll work with AWS to make more of our solutions available on AWS Marketplace.”

The DRAGEN Bio-IT platform delivers proven speeds and cost savings, all while enhancing accuracy. In contrast to traditional CPU-based options, DRAGEN implements algorithms as logic circuits which can be parallelized, thus reducing the time needed to analyze a whole genome from approximately 30 hours (BWA-GATK) to approximately 25 minutes at 30x coverage.

About Edico Genome

The growing use of next-generation sequencing is creating a need for easy to implement infrastructure that enables rapid, accurate and cost-effective processing and storage of this big data. Edico Genome has created a patented end-to-end platform solution for analysis of next-generation sequencing data, DRAGEN™, which speeds whole genome data analysis while maintaining high accuracy and reducing costs. Top clinicians and researchers are utilizing the platform to achieve faster diagnoses for critically ill newborns, cancer patients and expecting parents waiting on prenatal tests, and faster results for scientists and drug developers. For more information, visit www.EdicoGenome.com or follow @EdicoGenome.