EvoNexus Alumni Chatmeter Launches All-New Version of Leading Local Brand Management Dashboard

San Diego, CA–(February 2, 2015 /MarketersMedia) – Chatmeter, a leading online brand management and search engine optimization service, announced the availability of an all-new version of the dashboard for the company’s flagship product. The new 2.0 version of the brand management dashboard incorporates a number of frequently requested features and improvements, including enhanced enterprise functionality. Chatmeter launched in 2009 as the first local brand management platform on the market and since then has reported on more than 100,000 local storefronts, along with millions of online reviews, social media mentions, blog posts, and other brand-related online activity.

“We’ve been listening closely to our many customers, and we’re proud to announce that a major new version of the Chatmeter dashboard is now available,” Chatmeter representative Collin Holmes stated, “Enterprise users are going to enjoy the revamped roll-up reports and improved data granularity, and our white-label partners are going to find plenty to get excited about, too.”

Thanks to the democratizing power of the Internet, individual customers today can influence companies’ brand identities to an extent that would previously have been unthinkable. Savvy marketers therefore understand that it is critical to engage with consumers when they post online reviews, mention companies on social media, or otherwise communicate in ways that can ultimately affect levels of business.

Chatmeter was founded to help simplify this often-difficult task by given marketing professionals and others unprecedented access to brand-related online activity at the local level. The sophisticated chatmeter platform collects reviews, social media mentions, and other online data points that are relevant to a particular brand, with powerful tools analyzing and relating this information to particular, local storefronts and markets.

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