EvoNexus Alumni Independa helps baby boomers come of digital age

Los Angeles, CA–(January 30, 2015, USA Today)–Independa. If Grandma Doris is a technophobe and tends to get visibly uncomfortable around computers, Independa is a technology solution that integrates everything from video calling relatives to sending medical data to her doctor and reminding your loved one about taking medications or upcoming social gatherings, all from the comfort of her television.

The virtual alerts manager, “Angela,” will text, call or e-mail a caregiver or set of caregivers, and can even call 911. The system also features video-calling capabilities with Skype, password-free access to Facebook, remotely managed calendars and photo albums, the ability to record video diaries about your life.

Independa lets you do these things without having to learn anything about computers, passwords, virus scans or anything new. If they can use a remote, they’re on the system.

The system comes built in to all commercially-available LG brand TV, and anyone can get it going for a monthly service fee. If you don’t have an LG TV, you can buy a box for $399 to give you access.

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