EvoNexus Alumni MD Revolution’s mHealth Solution Disrupts Digital Health

San Diego, CA–(PRWEB, February 13, 2015) – MD Revolution, a San Diego-based digital health company, has created a new mHealth solution for chronic disease prevention and care. Facing a $26 billion market swell in 2017, according to Research and Markets, mHealth has the potential to help healthcare professionals who have been seeking ways to make patients more involved with their care. MD Revolution’s prescriptive-based digital health solution, RevUp, delivers real, measurable improvements in health, lowers healthcare costs and empowers people with personalized, actionable data and coaching to help them make healthy lifestyle changes.

MD Revolution is able to merge patient information from a variety of sources in real time, such as wearable devices (i.e Fitbit, heart rate monitors, glucose machines), electronic medical records, laboratory results and manually logged food and exercise data to create a holistic view of patient health and wellness. Using analytics technology from Perceivant, MD Revolution can scale and improve the delivery of patient care. Real-time reports and consolidated data from Perceivant enables MD Revolution healthcare professionals to identify trends and adjust care plans for large groups and individuals.

“Leveraging the talents of healthcare professionals in this manner will lead to significantly lower healthcare costs while improving patient health in general,” said Pratik Patel, chief operating officer of MD Revolution.

In addition, the data analytics technology, coupled with RevUp, is creating opportunities for more effective, efficient care. With Perceivant, MD Revolution anticipates doubling the number of patients their healthcare professionals can track and message in the next few months; the company expects that number to increase over time. The RevUp platform will also notify the team when to reach out to high-risk patients.

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