EvoNexus and Cisco select Koriist as the first startup to join the CiscoEIR@EvoNexus joint incubation program

SAN DIEGO, CA–(March 12, 2015, PRNewswire) – EvoNexus has become the leading startup technology incubator in Southern California and today it announced the selection of Koriist as the first company to join CiscoEIR@EvoNexus, its joint startup incubation program with Cisco®. CiscoEIR@EvoNexus, announced last year, is a program supporting early-stage entrepreneurs through EvoNexus’ existing incubation program and the startup resources and partnerships enabled by Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence, a startup incubation program of Cisco.

Koriist focuses on connecting disparate communications networks with revolutionary software defined multi-protocol data + network router that forms an overlay distribution fabric. The company’s software product runs on top of the world’s networks, ensuring that those who need remote connectivity can securely access information, regardless of underlying infrastructure.

“Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence strives to help exceptional entrepreneurs bring great products to market in areas of strategic importance to Cisco,” said Tom Yoritaka managing director of Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence. “Koriist has an innovative software platform that stitches together digital infrastructure on the Internet of Everything, enabling faster and smoother deployment of Smart City solutions. We believe Koriist is a great fit for our six month program and look forward to collaborating with them to accelerate their product development and business growth.”

Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence supports early-stage entrepreneurs working on the next groundbreaking ideas in the Internet of Everything, Big Data/analytics, Smart Cities, enterprise security and other transformational opportunities. The program is six months of relationship building, mentoring and collaboration with Cisco geared towards bringing ideas to reality. Entrepreneurs selected to participate benefit from financial support and potential strategic funding from Cisco, access to Cisco business and engineering groups and mentoring from industry experts. More information about Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence can be found at http://eir.cisco.com.

“We’re excited to be joining CiscoEIR@EvoNexus and look forward to developing our software product with the mentoring and collaboration available through the program,” said Koriist co-founder Chad Trytten.

Co-founder Chad Trytten has extensive experience in software development and the robotics industry and holds a BSc in Cognitive Systems, Computational Intelligence. Fellow co-founder Mat Guerrieri served in the Army for 21 years prior to co-founding Koriist and is experienced in software defined networking and operational management. The two co-founders are supported by a team of staff and advisors, all of whom have deployed complex networks of heterogeneous communications technologies for both military and commercial customers.

Koriist will remain headquartered in San Diego and incubating at EvoNexus while also having access to everything that Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence has to offer. During their time in the EvoNexus incubator Koriist benefits from office space, support and access to the wide array of mentor sponsors and events that EvoNexus has to offer – all at no cost.

“Cisco is an established Silicon Valley company with a history of impacting technology and innovation on a larger scale,” said Rory Moore, CEO of EvoNexus. “The CiscoEIR@EvoNexus program helps leverage Cisco’s existing resources while supporting emerging technologies and products such as the software platform offered by Koriist.”

Koriist’s admittance into CiscoEIR@EvoNexus will help continue Cisco’s mission of helping exceptional entrepreneurs bring their product vision to market while exposing Cisco to new strategic partners and emerging companies and technologies to accelerate IoE adoption.

About Koriist:
Koriist stitches together digital infrastructure across existing and disparate equipment for secure information exchange. The company’s revolutionary software defined multi-protocol data+network router is software that forms an overlay distribution fabric. Stitch™, runs on top of the world’s networks – rather than rip out and replace them – ensuring those who need remote connectivity can securely access information. Koriist’s mission is to make transport protocols irrelevant to any networked devices; to transport and translate any protocol and quickly deliver data, regardless of where it is produced or what wires/waves it needs to transit. Learn more at http://www.koriist.com.

About EvoNexus:
EvoNexus is a technology incubator for Southern California’s startup community with locations in San Diegoand Irvine that does not require companies to surrender equity. EvoNexus empowers motivated entrepreneurs to turn their transformative ideas into fundable, commercially viable companies, and leverages community resources to provide what entrepreneurs need to be successful.

For more information, visit https://www.evonexus.org and enjoy our very informative and short video about our tech incubator shown on the EvoNexus home page above.

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