EvoNexus company Electrozyme Featured on ABC 10 San Diego

SAN DIEGO, CA (ABC 10 San Diego, January 29, 2015) – A San Diego company’s invention that is about the size of a paperclip is the world’s first sweat sensor.

“Definitely sweating, feeling a little tired here, a little hot,” David Reyes said while on a stationary bike.

He closely monitors his progress, and added, “Feeling a little sick and I didn’t realize until after I talked to my doctor that maybe it’s because of dehydration.”

Reyes is part of a sweat test going on at Electrozyme in La Jolla.

“If there’s something that can monitor my levels of hydration, that would probably be helpful,” said Reyes.

That’s what the little wearable tab does. It’s the world’s first sweat sensor, invented by a native San Diegan, and it analyzes the chemicals in your sweat.

“To give you real-time feedback on what is an appropriate, personalized hydration regimen,” said company co-founder and CEO Joshua Windmiller, Ph.D.

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