EvoNexus Company Portfolium Reinvents the Resumé, Rolls Out App for Job Seekers

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Xconomy San Diego, January 28, 2015) – San Diego-based Portfolium began as a solution to the problem that many students face as they near the end of their schooling and look to join the real-world workforce. How do you create a persuasive resumé or LinkedIn profile if you’ve been a full-time student and don’t have much professional work history?

Founding CEO Adam Markowitz created Portfolium as a Web-based social network that enables students to create a personal profile to showcase their academic skills, projects, experience, and community service for prospective employers.

Instead of putting bullet points on a Word document, Portfolium enables students to create multimedia accounts that can include recommendations, contact information, and be shared on LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media networks.

Users can upload their website with the work they are most proud of—such as an art project, engineering design, legal brief, video, or slideshow—and an update will be sent to companies with open positions in their field.

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