EvoNexus First Ever Silicon Valley Demo Day

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silicon valley demo day

EvoNexus hosted its first ever Demo Day in Silicon Valley on June 21 in conjunction with CISCO EIR, SK Telecom, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. Demo Day was hosted at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati’s Palo Alto headquarters.

EvoNexus’ demo day in Silicon Valley showcased 9 Series A & B round companies from Southern California in front of investors in the bay area including InterWest Partners, Sierra Ventures, Granite Ventures and Storm Ventures. The event was an opportunity for EvoNexus companies to compete in the most saturated and competitive region for startups.

EvoNexus Senior Portfolio Manager Kayla Trautwein said, “This event was important for us because it presented an opportunity to exhibit some of the most important and innovative technologies being developed in the sometimes-overlooked, SoCal region.”

Nine companies impossible to overlook: Abtum, CourseKey, Edico Genome, Evasyst, Grolltex, Koriist, OSSIC, Portfolium, and Tagnos were all present at Demo Day, seeking funding momentum to further propel their businesses.


Overview of the Companies at Demo Day

Abtum – High isolation, miniature RF filter products for mobile and small base-stations front-end based on the multi-patented passive RF architecture. *100x better measured performance than any similar filter in the market*

CourseKey – CourseKey is a student engagement platform that allows higher education teachers to leverage their students’ devices to turn their classrooms into tech-enabled learning environments. *Funded by current Executive Chairman and former President of Qualcomm*

Edico Genome – Edico Genome is the developer of the DRAGEN Bio-IT Processor, the world’s first next-generation sequencing bioinformatics application-specific integrated circuit. This chip analyzes the large amount of data produced by next-generation sequencing quickly, accurately, and cost effectively. *Guinness World Record for Fastest Genetic Diagnosis*

Evasyst – Evasyst is a unique software application that creates immersive video game experiences for gamers. Evasyst enables the real-time visibility, communication, and management of teammates through audio, visual, and social solutions to help gamers craft and execute strategies during competitive game play. *Traction with AAA Gaming Studios, Activision-Blizzard, EA Sports, and War-gaming*

GrollTex – Grolltex is a provider of graphene based advanced materials and equipment, operating with exclusive rights on a portfolio of patents issued by UCSD, toward commercializing disruptive technologies using graphene. *Reduces cost of graphene production by 100x*

Koriist – Koriist connects disparate communications networks with an advanced software-defined, multi-protocol, data+network router overlay. Their software product, Stitch, runs on top of the world’s networks – rather than rip out and replace them – ensuring those who need remote connectivity can securely access information, regardless of underlying infrastructure. *Part of prestigious Cisco EIR program*

OSSIC – OSSIC X is the world’s first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio. *Recently closed $2.7M Kickstarter campaign*

Portfolium – Portfolium is an online social portfolio platform for students to showcase their work, activities and achievements to employers and admissions boards. *150+ universities and 3M+ students under contract within two years*

Tagnos – Tagnos is an innovative patient experience solution that provides real-time mobile engagement service that goes far beyond patent and asset tracking. We have proven data that our hands-free, real-time smart location solution simplifies patent flow and improves patent experience, outcomes, procedure room utilization, and
staff optimization. *Part of prestigious Cisco EIR program*  

Demo Day Outcomes

Despite being visitors to Silicon Valley, EvoNexus’ companies thrived. Less than 24 hours following demo day, a number of the EvoNexus ventures had already scheduled multiple follow-up meetings with venture capitalists in attendance.

EvoNexus CEO Rory Moore said, “Following the event, I wanted to gauge investors’ feedback so I spoke with Sierra Ventures Managing Director Dr. Ben Yu. He told me that every company we brought up was a high quality venture and well-worth the time; Dr. Yu and Sierra Ventures will follow up with four of the companies.”

EvoNexus’ first ever Demo Day in Silicon Valley was high value for both the startups that presented and the investors that attended.