Workshop Series: How To Be An Effective Leader & How To Inspire Your Team

Workshop Topic: How to be an effective leader – How to inspire your team

As a startup CEO your leadership skills will make or break your team’s ability to execute. Leadership is often talked about, but rarely understood. A leader is not the same thing as a manager. A manager’s methodical approach may successfully organize projects and instruct team members, but the leader inspires them to do more.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The differences between leadership and management and how to develop the qualities necessary to be a strong
  • leader
  • How to effectively communicate your objectives and vision to your team
  • How to motivate your team to keep pushing when the going gets tough
  • Conflict resolution skills

Mark Bowles Bio:

Mark has over 30 patents and dozens of product design awards and has founded 7 tech startups for which he has raised 17 rounds of VC financing and several exits, including his last company, ecoATM which sold for $350M.

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