EvoNexus Startup’s ‘kSafe’ Product Motivates by Locking Up Temptation

(March 25, 2015, Times of San Diego)–A San Diego startup is raising funds on Kickstarter for a unique product designed to give people the discipline to achieve their goals.

The kSafe is literally a small safe that can be locked and only opened under specific conditions. The user places an item, such as a game controller or snack food, in the safe and sets the conditions for it to unlock:

  • Activity — kSafe unlocks after the user has taken a certain number of steps
    or covered enough distance
  • Location — kSafe unlocks after the user has checked-in to a location such as
    a gym or school
  • Time — kSafe unlocks at certain times of day, week, month, or after a timer

The safe is controlled by a mobile app, and works with either iOS or Android devices.

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