EvoNexus Tech Incubator Welcomes Newest Class of Startups Fall 2016


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – November 9, 2016 — EvoNexus, pro-bono, non-profit technology incubator and hub for Southern California’s entrepreneurial and startup community, announces its newest class of technology startups. EvoNexus has admitted 15 new startups to their Southern California locations in La Jolla, Downtown San Diego and Irvine. The newly admitted startups will be joining a portfolio of 162 companies that have incubated at EvoNexus. The incubator was founded in late 2009 and the first class of companies was fully operational in 2010. In just over 6 years, startups that have been incubated at EvoNexus have raised over $1.077 billion in funding and outcomes and 17 startups have been acquired. Notable companies that have incubated at EvoNexus include: Edico Genome and ecoATM.

Dmitry Shapiro, former Myspace Music CTO, Xoogler, has left Google to start GoMeta, one of EvoNexus’ newly admitted startups. “Leaving Google and starting a company in San Diego was a big decision.  Knowing that EvoNexus would be there to help, made it a lot easier.  San Diego has the talent, environment, and entrepreneur support infrastructure to be the next big tech hub, and GoMeta is proud to work, in conjunction with EvoNexus, to make that even bigger.”

Steve Morley, former Vice President of Technology and employee #10 of Qualcomm Incorporated, is the president of Assured Wireless Corporation, one of the newest additions to the EvoNexus La Jolla. “Thirty-one years ago a small group of highly talented technology executives and engineers started Qualcomm about a mile from the current EvoNexus La Jolla location. Starting a new high tech company in the same neighborhood is like coming home with a bit of déjà vu. We at Assured Wireless are looking forward to following in the legacy that Qualcomm created in San Diego and we are very excited EvoNexus will make this even more probable.”

Welcome The Newest EvoNexus Startups

Downtown San Diego/La Jolla

Arctica Health: is a mobile app that serves as a lifestyle management tool designed to quantitatively, objectively, and unobtrusively analyze a diagnosed individual’s chance of experiencing a bipolar episode with a high degree of precision.

Assured Wireless: is developing a portable LTE hotspot for the public safety market, allowing first responders to complete their missions safely and reliably.

Avior Power: is developing dedicated PMIC and integrated power management solutions for emerging IoT products.

Appulse Power: is developing disruptive innovations in power management focused on AC/DC power conversion solutions with significantly smaller size and higher efficiency than today’s state-of-the-art offerings.

BenRevo: is a SaaS platform that integrates and automates an insurance carrier’s entire distribution process with channel partners and clients.

Citadel: drone detection, monitoring and engagement technology that will monitor airspace, detect threats and intercept unauthorized drones that enter restricted airspace.

GoMeta: a mobile app (Metaverse) and platform that allows anyone to participate in existing augmented reality scavenger hunts or create the experiences themselves.

GroGuru: an agricultural productivity tool that collects and analyzes high density measurements (such as soil moisture, salinity, temperature, plant growth) and big data analytics in order to increase agriculture yields, reduce expensive resources and minimize fertilizer pollution.

Guru: is an augmented reality mobile app that implements an entire digital engagement layer for cultural institutions like museums, zoos, aquariums and current and emerging audiences.

Iteros: is a smart city enterprise platform company providing integrated solutions for distributed resource management for enabling the virtual power plants, microgrids, and smart communities/cities of the future.

Polytenna Technologies: is developing polymer antennas for the rapidly emerging mm-wave wireless 5G device market at 30-70 GHz that outperform legacy metal antennas at these high frequencies.

Reachify: is a unified communications platform for small to medium-sized businesses that allows them to manage all of their customer communications (emails, texts, voicemails, social media, etc.) in one central inbox.

Water Pigeon: is an automated water metering infrastructure that provides real-time analytics to both water company and consumer that is implemented fast, simple and secure, without replacing water meters or building private wireless networks.


Integra Devices: Integra Devices provides a new breed of miniature, integrated smart sensors and RF components for IoT and 5G.

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About EvoNexus:

EvoNexus is a pro-bono, non-profit technology incubator and hub for Southern California’s startup community designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. EvoNexus is supported with Class A office space and facilities by California’s leading real estate developer, Irvine Company and financially by global technology and life science corporations. These relationships make it possible for EvoNexus to take zero equity or fees from incubating startups and help grow Southern California’s innovation economy.