Feeling Helpless About The Haze? Why Not Join The Invisible Army Online To Hunt Down The Culprits

Instead of waiting and hoping for the haze to clear and feeling powerless to change the situation, why not try hunting down the culprits online… but only if you are willing to spend hours poring over satellite maps.

Launched last month in response to the worsening haze situation, community sourcing programme, Tomnod hopes to leverage on the power of crowdsourcing to help fight the haze.

Tomnod launched the special program ‘Indonesia: Illegal burning’ on September 23 this year to harness the mass power of the online community to help identify illegal burning hotspots in Indonesia.

“The number of fires burning across Indonesia the past couple weeks spiked past historic highs, causing a thick haze of toxic smoke to envelop major cities within Indonesia and those of neighboring countries.

“Help Global Forest Watch map fires across Indonesia by searching satellite imagery and tagging every fire and burn scar you find,” the site posted, reports Marufish Disaster Preparedness blog.

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