Four EvoNexus Startups to See at CES 2017: Technology Enhancing Birth, Sight, Sound, and Power

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — EvoNexus, Southern California’s leading non-profit technology incubator, is proud to announce that 4 of their current incubating companies: Aira, OSSIC, TinyKicks, and Appulse Power will be exhibiting at CES 2017 on January 5-8, 2017 in Las Vegas. Two of the companies have already received CES awards in their respective categories. Aira won Eureka Park’s Accessibility Contest which recognizes the most exciting new technologies impacting the lives of seniors and people with disabilities. OSSIC was awarded CES’s Best of Innovation Award in the headphone category for its 3D audio headphones.

“CES is the center of technology. Aira winning this award reassures the power of the platform we are creating and also signals confidence to our community,” said Suman Kanuganti, CEO of Aira. “Aira offers a unique approach to accessibility. With the human in the loop method for relevant AI, our users are exploring the world without limit.”

Not only does CES give these EvoNexus startups the chance to display their technology, it allows them access to a worldwide audience and provides deeper insights on user behavior. Each company will be offering interactive demos that will craft a real experience for the attendees. 

More about the startups that are exhibiting at CES 2017: 

Aira: A platform that connects blind and low vision individuals with certified virtual agents through smartphones and wearable devices such as Google Glass and Pivothead to assist navigation in everyday life. (Eureka Park, Booth 51000)

OSSIC: Headphones that offer the ultimate 3D audio experience by automatically calibrating to the individual while tracking their head movements to provide fully immersive sound. (Eureka Park, Booth 50400)

TinyKicks: A discrete wearable for expecting mothers that detects and monitors fetal movements in order to share the information with doctors and family for a healthy pregnancy. (Eureka Park, Booth 50441)

Appulse Power: A power management solution focused on AC/DC adapters that are significantly smaller in size and higher in efficiency (Mandalay Bay, EPC Suite)

About EvoNexus:

EvoNexus is a non-profit technology incubator and hub for Southern California’s startup community designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. EvoNexus is supported with Class A office space and facilities by California’s leading real estate developer, Irvine Company and financially by global technology and life science corporations. These relationships make it possible for EvoNexus to take zero equity or fees from incubating startups and help grow Southern California’s innovation economy.