Four Great Summer E-books to Teach Children While School’s Out of Session

(July 10, 2015, Huffington Post) – My five year old nephew frequently totes his mom’s I-pad into my room, sits down in my chair and spends hours steering race cars or petting purple tigers through the touchscreen.

Sometimes he’ll narrate stories to me, or giggle at his virtual dexterity. He may press against my arm or drop his head on my shoulder for closeness, but rarely tears his eyes from the screen. It’s his way of sharing.

I’ve noticed this trend with my friend’s children, and toddlers sitting in public with their parents. They are more adept at navigating cyberspace before they are able to tie their own shoes and affect a strange brand of communication while doing so. In order to connect to them in cyberspace, we have to follow their lead.

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