GoShare Will Move You


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) August 2016 — An app that recently launched in Los Angeles is hoping to solve an age-old question: “How on Earth do I move that?”

The app, GoShare, allows customers to choose a pickup and drop-off location for an item, take a photo of the item and provide an estimate of the item’s weight.

GoShare then sends a driver with a truck large enough to haul the item to its destination, for a price of about 99 cents a mile.

“We can usually get a driver there within 30 to 45 minutes,” said Shaun Savage, chief executive at GoShare.

Commonly hauled items include furniture, odds and ends from estate sales and even dirt, GoShare driver Andrew Parker said.

The drivers all go through extensive background checks, the company said.

The arrangement opens up yet another avenue for drivers to make money off their vehicles, a la Uber and Lyft.

“It’s a couple extra bucks,” Parker said. “Drivers get a good bang for their buck and I think customers do too.”