7 Companies Graduate From The EvoNexus Incubator – Fall 2016 


Graduating Companies

AttackIQ_Logo_flattenedAttack IQ
Stephan Chenette 

AttackIQ provides a continuous security testing platform to challenge existing host, network and cloud infrastructures to help organizations safely test, measure, and perform security validation and improve their defense in depth strategy. FireDrill is a sophisticated and powerful platform for testing cyber security infrastructure. It is meant to work continuously, and mostly in the background, defining baselines and providing recurring metrics of your security posture. This video demonstrates the instant test feature. Instant Tests are basic tests. They are a starting point. You can run an Instant Test and then augment it with more sophisticated attack or validation tests and schedule it for continuous operation on a recurring basis.



Clarify Medical
Andre Gamelin & Kathy Scott & Martyn Gross & Jim Sweeney

(formerly Skylit Medical) is revolutionizing UVB therapy – considered the most effective treatment for psoriasis and chronic eczema – by treating patients in their home while being monitored by a physician. Clarify Medical uses cutting edge lighting technology to deliver UVB dosage in 1/10th the time other LED devices take, while bringing in new revenue streams for dermatology and primary care clinics.
Luke Sophinos

CourseKey is a student engagement platform that allows higher education teachers to leverage their students devices to turn their classrooms into tech-enabled learning environments. Founded by University students in 2014, CourseKey solves the many problems of todays traditional lecture experience. By leveraging student-owned smart-devices teachers can gamify their lectures and increase interaction, attendance, and peer-to-peer learning amongst their students. Teachers save drastic amounts of time with automatic grading features, interactive analytics, and real-time assessment tools. Today, CourseKey is used by thousands of students at varying universities throughout the country.



Chad Trytten & Ron Wangerin

We focus on connecting disparate communications networks with a revolutionary software defined multi-protocol data+network router overlay. Koriist’s software product runs on top of the world’s networks – rather than rip out and replace them – ensuring those who need remote connectivity can securely access information, regardless of underlying infrastructure.


Alex Littlewood

Motoroso is building the Market network for the Automotive and Powersports Enthusiast Community. We combine Content, Community, and Commerce to help enthusiasts plan, build, and share everything that powers their lifestyle. Leveraging features inspired by sites like Pinterest and Houzz, Motoroso makes it easy for users to quickly discover cool content, and then engage with an interactive layer to uncover Products, Videos, Article, How-tos, Text, and service providers directly within an image.

Stella Wearables - Logo[1] copy

Stella Wearables
Nicolas Gonzalez & Enrique Guadarrama

Take a stand with Stella against overexposure to UV Rays. With Stella, all you have to do is set up your form of protection (SPF) and select your skin-type, then allow Stella to do the rest. We provide a mobile app as well. Within the app, you may add on sub-accounts as well as monitor your UV exposure history. Stop worrying about sunburns. Now you will know when you have been overexposed to UV rays. Therefore, Stella will notify you when you should seek shade or re-apply SPF. Take care of your skin with Stella and maintain your peace of mind under the sun.



Vergence Technologies
Mike Nicoletti & Jon Vrabel

Vergence provides the next generation investigative platform capable of scaling to your growing mission needs. Vergence gives users the ability to aggregate, search, and tag massive amounts of video; scaling from hundreds to thousands of disparate video streams in one easy to use platform.