Grolltex Opens Manufacturing Facility for ‘Graphene Accelerator’ Material Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Grolltex Opens Manufacturing Facility for ‘Graphene Accelerator’ Material hexagonal Boron Nitride

San Diego based graphene and 2D materials producer Grolltex has completed qualification, and released for production, the largest commercial manufacturing facility in North America for graphene complement material, single layer ‘hexagonal Boron Nitride’ (or hBN). The company began shipping the new material to pre-qualified customers in May and is now selling large area mono layer hBN to the public, in both ‘standalone’ and ‘layered with graphene’ configurations. Additionally, Grolltex is providing ‘hBN on your substrate’ as a service to device makers.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride is a very close isoelectronic match with graphene and is as good an insulator as graphene is a conductor. Combining hBN with graphene provides both of the key 2D material tools that advanced device designers need and since the atomic structure of the two materials matches so closely, a near perfect bond is created when they are layered together, enhancing both strength and electrical performance.

“Interest for this exciting new class of materials has been very high”, according to Jeff Draa, CEO of Grolltex. “Our existing customer base has been asking when hBN would become available and we’re thrilled to be selling it now to research and design labs all over the world. The graphene community is very excited about the potential of hBN and we believe we’re the first to offer it for sale. Production requirements for hBN are quite similar to those of mono layer graphene so we can really leverage our core strengths in production and transfer”, said Draa.

While providing some very desirable advanced characteristics of its own (such as enhancing fire retardance and scratch resistance to many basic materials), combining single layer hBN with graphene can mean exponential performance improvements for the conductive graphene layer and consequently, far superior futuristic nanotechnology devices. Semiconductor makers are already applying for patents that consist of the two single layer materials being used together.    

“Advanced device and sensor makers especially are zeroing in on the performance benefits of combining graphene with hBN, as sensor performance and carrier mobility go through the roof when these two single layer materials are used together”, said Draa, “This is enabling a new level of performance and design benefits. Adding hBN can really supercharge the performance of your graphene and single layer graphene centers of excellence everywhere are reaching out to us on this in a big way”.

Grolltex, short for ‘graphene-rolling-technologies’, uses patented research and techniques initially developed at the University of California, San Diego, to produce high quality, single layer graphene, hexagonal Boron Nitride and other 2D materials and products. The company is a practitioner of, and specializes in, exclusively sustainable graphene production methods and is committed to advancing the field of graphene to improve the future of leading edge materials science and product design through the optimization of single atom thick materials.

About Grolltex:

Grolltex, Inc., is a nanotechnology materials, products and equipment company focusing on the optimization and advancement of the key monolayer material ‘graphene’ and related 2D materials. The company holds a number of strategic patents and technological advantages in areas relating to the manufacture of high quality, monolayer ‘CVD’ graphene and hexagonal Boron Nitride as well as on several advanced products made of graphene and 2D materials, such as hyper efficient solar cells, next generation sensors, advanced fuel cells and futuristic super-thin and flexible displays for use in wearables, smart phones and other electronics.

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