GroupSolver Closes $1M Funding Round

GroupSolver, a San Diego, CA-based online consumer research company, completed a $1m financing round.

The round was led by Tech Coast Angels’ San Diego network, with $700k provided. Dean Rosenberg, vice president at Tech Coast Angels San Diego, was the deal lead.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the product’s platform, increasing the company and product profile, driving inbound traffic, and consolidating its R&D team in San Diego in early 2018, and to increase their sales and marketing capabilities.

Led by Rastislav (Rasto) Ivanic, founder and CEO, GroupSolver is an online consumer research company that provides deep insights through a technological innovation that allows for open-ended answers to be quantified. It captures natural language feedback from a group of relevant online consumers, rather than collecting the typical multiple-choice responses that lead consumers to a pre-determined answer. This method captures explicit information and reactions, and consumer input is more specific.
Clients include some of the world’s largest brands, many of which are repeat buyers.