Independa, partnership with LG Electronics, declared the launch of its e-commerce website.

(July 1st, 2015) – Independa, partnership with LG Electronics, declared the launch of its ecommerce website. The new site provides a portal by which consumers can purchase an IndependaTV, the quintessential platform for providing advanced remote engagement and care for the Greatest Generation.

Up to this point, Independa was only accessible through enterprise outlets like care facilities and retirement communities. Independa’s television platform provides a broad range of services counting photo sharing, video chats, message sharing, a call button, and appointment and medication reminders. These features are built directly into an LG constructed television monitor, allowing for plug and play capabilities by the end user. LG is a planned partner and Independa investor.

Independa has been blazing the trail in the new age of elder care, guiding the industry into the 21st century. Independa has software inside LG commercial TVs, creating the world’s first and only TV with embedded remote engagement and care services. This has garnered Independa a 2015 CES Innovation Award and recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine as a Brilliant 100 Company.

LG Display Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels in the Republic of Korea, the United States, Europe, and Asia. It offers various display panels comprising large-sized panels for use in televisions, notebook computers, and desktop monitors; and small-sized panels for other application products, such as mobile phones and tablet computers.